Club Enhancement FAQ’s 

What is StarSkate?

Coach Directed Time

Coach directed time refers to any portion of the session that a coach is managing a skaters training.

This includes private lessons, groups, classes, stations, training books, engaged supervised practice, plus many more!

Why is it important?

Coach directed time and group time, at this stage of development, has proven to be the most effective method for skill acquisition and social development.

Skaters at this level also need to learn how to use their ice time to train. By directing the session, they will learn to warm-up, work on planned skills and cool-down on every session.

Using the coach directed tools increases the ability for coaches to focus on quality control.

What are some tools available to help maximize coach directed time?

Classes, groups, stations, engaged supervised practice, Bingo’s, training books and daily plans.

Coaches can determine which methods maximize their training objectives.

For more information on types of coach directed times and the advantages of maximizing coach directed time:

STAR 1-5 Toolkit – Teaching Tips & Learning Activities

You can also find sample classes here: STAR 1-5 Toolkit – On and Off Ice Strategies

StarSkate 1 - Gold Assessment 

How do I know if  assessments are to standard?

There are a few checkpoints for coaches to use while we transition to coach assessed.

The judge panel has the same criteria to evaluate skaters as coaches. This is a great opportunity to compare your evaluations.

There are examples of every element in the STAR 1-5 program is shown at BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD levels.

*There are also full written descriptions and standards of all elements skaters are working on.  More info? Chat with your coach

What is Safe Sport – Respect in Sport Training 

Creating a safe environment for skaters to train.

Who can take the course and how?

This training is currently being offered to Skate Canada coaches, officials, team leaders, club board members and club/skating school administrators.

For more information on this course: Skate Canada – Respect in Sport 

Can a club make this mandatory for coaches and board members?

Yes! Any step we can take to increase the safety level for skaters is a step in the right direction.

Insurance Coverage

Do skaters/board members/program assistants have accident insurance?

Yes – All Skate Canada members who are enrolled in the registration year in which they are participating in a Skate Canada program

are covered by the participant accident benefit. This includes a board member as long as they register with Skate Canada.

Here is a summary of what is covered: Accident Insurance Summary