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All figure skating activities must adhere to all federal, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, by-laws and orders as they may exist from time to time.
This includes but is not limited to compliance with:
Physical distancing measures
Health and safety regulations
Size of permitted gatherings
Skate Canada rules, policies and procedures
Skate Ontario rules, policies and procedures
All Safe Sport policies and procedures
Applicable occupational health and safety requirements

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The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit announced an update to the Letter of Instruction to all owner/operators of indoor areas of facilities used for organized sports and recreational
fitness activities in the municipalities of the County of Simcoe, the District of Muskoka, and the Cities of Orillia and Barrie.
The Letter of Instruction dated November 23, 2021 requires indoor sports, recreation and fitness facilities to ask youth (ages 12-17 years) for proof of COVID-19 vaccination beginning December 8, 2021.
What this means for operations at Elmvale Arena:
1. As of December 8, 2021, youth ages 12-17 years entering the Arena for any activity
(including on and off ice and spectating) must show proof of at least a first dose of vaccination along with ID
2. As of February 16, 2022, youth ages 12-17 years entering the Arena for any activity
(including on and off ice and spectating) must show proof of being fully vaccinated along with ID
Please note: There are no changes to the current vaccine requirements for adults ages 18+
Individuals who turn 12 from January 1, 2022 onwards have a grace period of 12 weeks from their birthday to become fully vaccinated.
ID must be shown on it's own starting on the 12th birthday to confirm the 12 week period.
After the 12 week period, proof of full vaccination and ID must be shown.
Acceptable ID documents are a birth certificate, citizenship card, driver’s licence, government-issued identification card, including a health card, Status Card or Indigenous
membership card, passport, permanent resident card. The province recognizes that youth between the age of 12-17 may not have or carry certain forms of ID, due to this
minors MAY CARRY A PHOTOCOPY of ID to present with proof of vaccination when entering the arena. The identification requirements are flexible for minors, and identification
is required to confirm only name of the person and date of birth – government identification can be used for this purpose; however, it is not the only type of ID accepted.
Proof of identity can be established using documentation issued by an institution or public body, provided it includes the name of the holder and date of birth. Identification that young
people may have access to that include name and date of birth could include birth certificate, or a passport, among other forms of ID.
IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR PATRONS 18 years of age and older: The Province and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is also requiring that all patrons entering the Arena, 18 years of age
and old, provide a physical piece of identification upon entering the arena, therefore photocopies and digital copies of ID will not longer we accepted as identification alongside the proof of vaccination.
This requirement is in place for verification purposes and to limit false documents being presented.
The dates and requirements above are set by the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit and not by the Township of Springwater.
The Township is mandated to follow the orders of the Health Unit.
The Elmvale Skating Club works with both to keep your family safe.