Our executive is a team of hard working and dedicated parents and coaches who donate their time and efforts to ensure that the needs of our skaters are met.   Each Executive Member has made a commitment to our club for one year.   They receive no remuneration or concessions for their contributions. 
A big thank you goes to these people each year, for without them, we would not have a club to offer these programs.


Acting President:                  Adrienne Callan

Past President:                      Sharon Flewelling              

Treasurer:                              Carla Lalonde

Registrar:                               Kelley Wickett

 Secretary:                              Melissa Buchanan

Test Chair:                              Leyla Potts                       

Carnival Liaison:                   Lisa Stevenson       

Coaches Representative:      Jason Monck


StarSKATE Gold Liaison:          Elisa Hall                        

StarSKATE Silver Liaison:        Jill Edwards                      

StarSKATE Bronze Liaison:      Nicole Solly

CANSkate Liaison:                    Val Giffen

Learn to Skate Liaison:            Nicole Press

Please Contact Us with any further questions and comments

Further rules and information can be found in our Red Book